Another busy day

My day just flew by today, and I am sitting here dazed and wondering where it went? Today I made some time for some friends to meet a breakfast before work, and I am sorry I haven’t done this more often. I do enjoy chatting with them, and seem to be always too busy! Note to self: Make time for old friends at least once a fortnight. I think if I can’t meet with them, then I should spend a little time to post a card, or write a note or even email.

Today’s class was fun, I love it when the ladies are all enjoying themselves and beign creative. I didn’t get into the office till after 3, so was there till after 5 doing up invoices etc. Tonight’s class ran way overtime too and I didn’t get home till almost 10 tonight, with my family all tucked up in bed asleep. They were great pages though and the girls all had a good time with all manner of conversations going whilst cutting away with the scissors. Thanks for the laughs girls!  The things we girls talk about! We had it all tonight. Ah, and NO, I will not be going into any details here on this public forum. Hee hee.

So there is time to post a photograph of my old man cat tonight, I took a few knowing I’d be working every day.

Old man wandering the garden 135 / 365
This is “Pirate”, named so because when he was a kitten he looked like he had a ‘beard’, and he was ‘black’… ‘blackbeard’ was just too odd for a cat, so he copped Pirate. He’s an old man too, like our other cat, and although he can’t jump or run much anymore, he still manages to snag a mouse every now and then. Mostly he just curls up on a lap or a chair and snoozes. Love that old man cat.

Old man wandering the garden by scrapnyak
Hope all is well with you and yours!

4 responses to “Another busy day

  1. Worm Pills anyone?????

  2. i was just my normal quiet mousy self, im sure it was the ‘others’

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