Good things

Good things are coming 137 / 365
Miraculously my Freesias come up every year about this time and I know very soon that a whole bunch of the most gorgeous scented flowers will be growing in our garden. They grow so tall that they fall over! So many good things coming our way!
Good things are coming by scrapnyak
I am inspired and happy. Tired, as our excellent class tonight went WAY over time and some people kept me out late last night,  but happy.  I met a lovely lady today and I am grateful for the people who enter my life.  A short conversation ( oh ok.. who can I kid… we were talking for AGES) and we have so much in common and similar views. She made me step back and take a look at myself and be proud. I have such doubt in myself, question everything, procrastinate terribly and then still end up wondering if I am doing the right thing! Thanks Cherie for renewing my faith in myself and my lovely little store. xx


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