Merry week gone by

Don’t you just love it when you are so busy that time flies? Or do you dislike it? I am not sure. On one hand it’s nice to be so active… on the other I feel like I am on a merry-go-round, it’s all fun till you want to get off and you can’t. You have to ride it out. But it’s fun, so it’s ok. This is me, saying the same stuff I say at the end of every term, love it, but am looking forward to school holidays. My kids have been working very hard this term (and for those interested in math scores – the boys work paid off, they both got B’s – without leaving classroom or aid) Now they want a kitten as a pay-off. Lord help me!  

Another week of awesome classes gone by. Book now for next term and also for the kids during the school holidays. Here’s a pic of Saturday’s  kids class. Fun! And they all got it done on time, cutting, inking, mounting, string, and all! They are such legends in our kids class.
We made some more kits up (lucky to anticipate another over-full class) and we have one little lonely kit left for someone who would like to put it together. Full instructions and photograph included. $19.95

And here are a couple of my 365 entries for this week from around my yard. We have been getting some lovely rainfall.

Native 138 / 365
The rain washed most of the dust… not all, and will bring more flowers. Everything will be clean and shining soon.
Native by scrapnyak

Vinca 139 / 365
My garden is loving all this rain we are getting… it really suffers being on water restrictions.
My boys on the other hand are NOT loving the rain… it’s too loud on the tin roof through the night. Ah well… can’t win all the time.
Vinca by scrapnyak

Down the weedy path 140 / 365
The yard is transformed into green now the rains are here and it’s a welcome change, even if most of the green are weeds. 🙂 Thought I’d snap this little angel reading a book under my daughters archway to the cubby. She’s busy all day today at school, (yes it’s Sunday) for a “write a book in a day” activity to raise money for Princess Margaret Hospital. From 8am to 8pm! Written, printed, illustrated, bound and presented. I keep thinking about her and think she will be one tired little miss when she gets home. 2 half hours to go.
Down the weedy path by scrapnyak
Take care. Enjoy you day where ever you are. x


One response to “Merry week gone by

  1. Hi Tania! I just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and liking : ) my project “Van’s Envelope Book.” I really appreciate it! I just had to check out your blog…your name is really pretty. You have such a cool blog and store. I love your photos and projects. Hope you don’t mind me poking around here more often. Ha! Thanks Again, Renee Zwirek

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