Just in

Whilst we are trying to clear so many things from the shop, with our great sale, this lovely order came in so I just had to post it.
Bo Bunny’s Barefoot and Bliss. Gorgeous! Also the Zooology collection. Be quick or miss out!

Here is a layout from BoBunny using Barefoot and Bliss.

And my 365 photographic entries for the past couple of days

pretty 141 / 365
another flower shot… sorry. Been busy! Will be busy for a while longer too! Love seeing the flowers coming to life in the garden.
pretty by scrapnyak

Reminiscing 142 / 365
Feels like yesterday when my boys were like this. I look at this photo and can almost smell them – so divine.
This is one of my all-time favourite photos, it’s an oldie now, but still evokes so many emotions. Sigh…
Reminiscing by scrapnyak
Have a great day!

2 responses to “Just in

  1. Hi Tania, I love your post. I am a scrap blogger myself, so I wanted to let you know that your post was stolen and published here: reviewsuper.com/group_thread/view/id-100196 You can email me for more info. I really upsets me when they steal someone’s precious baby photos. They also stole my friend’s content, so I can tell you how to get it taken down. It will take several of us to stop them, as they’re in China and will claim that you gave them permission when you file a DMCA takedown complaint with Google and GoDaddy.

  2. Kim, this infuriates me – I once had someone steal this image (and a few others) ten years ago claiming to be their mother! She posted on message boards citing some bull story and was well and truly found out!. I have since been a little more careful in what I post. She was just seeking attention, but this review super. com seems very random with a few ‘extra’ words thrown in.
    I will take this further. Thanks for the heads-up!

    PS… what’s your blog link Kim?

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