End of term draws near.

After a lovely weekend with my family I am ready for the last week of term and look forward to the school holidays, sleep-ins and being with my King, Princess and Princes. During the break at work we will put on the finishing touches to our Term 3 classes, already they are looking great.

With the prices of scrapbooking falling so much, we are happy to announce that we have had to restructure our class prices… to your advantage! Those who booked in advance this term already have credits awaiting them as the stock that came in was at great prices. So if the old dollar was holding you back from scrapping… then no more… come in to see our great affordable classes to suit you!

 Check out the kids timetable on the “Current Timetables” to see what Em has in store for the kids over the holidays. Pics and dates will be added soon. We also have a Late Night Lock In over the break, the last weekend of the holidays, I know a few people who have been hanging out for one of these!

And of course… followed by the 365 photographic entries for yesterday and today.

Labelled a Weed 147 / 365
But it’s really quite pretty. Back in the garden again this weekend, (seems it’s the only place I can hide out where it’s relatively quiet) and we planted some new little plants. Most of my time was spent weeding… there are five hundred trillion weeds (trust me I counted them) most of them small, but they all had to go, and with all the little self-seeded plants in amongst them, I didn’t dare leave them till my darling hubby comes along with the poison and kills everything. Some weeds were large, and flowering like this beauty, and yes, this one was pulled up too. Shame as they grow so well and have such a pretty flower, but they completely take over… so they had to go of nothing else would survive. Sometimes you have to let go of something good if you want something better there in it’s place.
Labelled a Weed by scrapnyak

Winter green 148 / 365
More weeds… but it is oh so nice to see it so brilliantly green down the back of our yard for a change. The only thing that really grows well under out huge Gum trees are the weeds in winter. We will have to get to them soon. (and I use the term “we” loosely here, I mean “he”, haha)
Winter green by scrapnyak

With love to you and yours xxx


4 responses to “End of term draws near.

  1. Weeds are just misplaced plants really. The ones in my yard were politley asked to go live next door or something so I wouldn’t have to resort to ‘killing’ them. But no, they insisted on staying and yes I had to exterminate them . 🙂

    • It’s doesn’t sit right, pulling up a plant laden with lovely flowers. Oh well, I can go hang out at Bunnings this weekend now. 🙂

  2. Adele Hogarth

    LOVE LOVE cheaper prices and love that you are nice to pass the savings on to us. Not many business people would do that. 🙂

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