Baby it’s cold outside!

Just a couple of 365 photographic updates for you right now. Brrr. it’s cold here. I hope you had a lovely weekend! School holidays here we come! Yahoo!  

Her coat 152 / 365
A little girl once explained what her new coat would look like… right down to the length, buttons and colour. This was 2 years ago, but still she believed that and one day she would find it. I heard the story so many times, I could almost see it like she did. One day it would come to her. On Friday her dream came true – whilst shopping with Nanna. The perfect coat. It was there. Finally. Her coat.
Her coat by scrapnyak

Winter Warm 151 / 365
The days might be chilly, but it’s always nice for a walk to the park. Berets and beanies for us today ( the kids said I looked like a burglar with my black beanie) but Em has worn berets for a couple of years now, and they just suit her!
Winter Warm by scrapnyak

Stay warm wherever you are~!


14 responses to “Baby it’s cold outside!

  1. OMG baby girl!

  2. my god your daughter is so beautiful

  3. Not long now Tania and she will be all grown up. She is a truly lovely looking girl.

  4. OMG that outfit is out-of-this-world-crazy-goooorrrrgussss……where do I get all the bits to copy? Seriously!

    • She would love that you like it.
      The beret is from Cotton On
      The stockings from Kids clothing store here in town Green Frog (Nat, you there? Do you know the brand?
      Polka Dot Skirt – a couple of years old – Target
      Coat – Ralph Lauren.. nah, only joking of course Target, nah, it’s Ralph Lauren really.
      Mary Jane Shoes – Airflex, Betts. Bought after copious amounts of begging and ‘deal-making’.
      Red lipstick – totally NOT my idea. (but looks kinda cool) Fountains Pharmacy. Nanna BTW did not approve either, but would admit secretly that it looks kinda cool too.

  5. hmmmm don’t like my chances of duplicating it exactly, but certainly a look I could totally rock… the shoes and don’t sweat the $$$ ‘cos Mary Janes never go out of style- she’s just gotta look after them and she’ll have them for years assuming her feet have stopped growing 😉 geez I’d have fun dressing that girl…….

  6. Ooh la la!! Stunning. (and a wee bit scary!!)

  7. gorgeous photos of a gorgeous girl – would love to see the whole lot – maybe one day at the store?

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