Learn to Pick Your Battles

k, this is seriously funny!
Go read this now.

Too funny huh? I think we could be the very best friends ever! If only we weren’t in different countries. Haha. I love how she writes, I love to read it, and wish I could be so bold… but alas no. I am not bold. Not bold as brass like she is. Knock knock.. TOO FUNNY! but I just can’t do it. (haha… rolls away laughing) Oh she is wicked.

So… this week the shop has seen some Prima come and some Prima go… we have had restock of all our A4 invitation lines. I have been ordering so many new lovely ranges that Kira is a little concerned where it all is going to go. No fear.. we will fit it in like we always have (somewhere). Our sales are still on till the end of the month and slowly the racks are emptying. Most of the punches are gone now, just a couple left, so our main line is Martha Stewart with more of her punches arrving next week. Love those border punches. Just sayin’.

Last weekend my family was invited to our friends’ farm to see the lambs. Oh.. so beautiful! I treasure days like that.. out with my kids, chatting, laughing and seeing them experience new things… like riding on the back of a ute (shh… not allowed to do that) and patting a week old lamb, talking to an ancient sheep and chasing birds… and seeing through the scope of a shotgun. Things my kids will remember for a long time what a lovely afternoon we had, we really did, in so many ways. Being my first day off this school holidays (Sunday) I took my camera along to try to catch up on my 365 project. I got some lovely shots. Here are some to share.

Hey Ewe! 160 / 365
Mammas and Babies are everywhere you look on our friends’ farm this weekend. Love these black-faced sheep with their little black babies, mostly twins!








Little Beau Peep has lost his sheep 158 / 365
and there is one snuggled up!










Baa Baa Black Sheep 159 / 365
Have you any wool?










Mary had a little Lamb 161 / 365
he even looks like he is smiling, comfortable in her arms.










I hope you all have a wicked weekend!


3 responses to “Learn to Pick Your Battles

  1. Wow. #158. This is the first photo I’ve seen of the boys where they look so much like you Tania.

  2. gorgeous!

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