He does a mean Michael Jackson

If you drive past me and I don’t notice you… it’s because I have Michael Bublé singing to me… very… loud. Sorry ’bout that. I love driving home from work these days… not just because I finally get to go home to my lovelies, but because Michael sings to me and his band plays just for me.

Miss L and I were lucky enough to share a weekend earlier this year and take some time off to spend some time together and see Michael Bublé in concert at The Sandalford Winery. We both love the Bublé.

I snuck my camera past security and was waiting for the police to come carry me away as I clicked each shot.. but they didn’t. I was well hidden amongt 30,000 other fans. But I HAD to get a photo.. it’s what I do! And I HAD to get one good one for my 365 project. HAD to. Mmm, wonder if that’d stand up in court? Me thinks not.

Michael Buble concert Australia

oh… and the man can DANCE! He does a mean Michael Jackson. What a brilliant concert.

So, I just wanted you to know if you drive past me and hear my base speakers boom booming in my car… it is most definately not rap music… but most probably Michael Bublé. Sorry ’bout that.

Who do you listen to in your car?



4 responses to “He does a mean Michael Jackson

  1. Adele!!!! But I do love Michael Bublé too! My wedding song was Everything by Michael Bublé! “your the line in the sand, when I go to far” 😀 very talented singer! And how cool that you saw him in concert!!!

  2. Yay!! She’s a powerhouse!! My son hums to her, though he tells me he prefers ‘boy music’ 🙂

  3. Update: My daughter knows the general tune and sings to most of “Set Fire To The Rain” I guess I have played it a lot.. she really gets into it 🙂

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