What were the must-have toys when you were a kid?

For me it was dolls. I loved dolls… and for a kid in the 70’s I had a lot of dolls. I think the count was 27. (and there’s my Mum telling ME not to spoil my kids.. pfft.. the apple doesn’t fall far Ma.. )

For my brother it was matchbox cars and Lego. Oh boy did he have some Lego.. and cars come to think of it. Tray upon tray of them. Mum!  

I wonder what your ‘toy choice’ says about you? I did enjoy Lego, I liked building and being creative… but only for so long.. and the cars? Well, the coolest things about them to me were the colours, but to my brother they were his world. The dolls were my babies… and I loved them, dressed them, talked to them and ‘fed’  the babies. Much of my childhood was consoling my barbies, who spent a lot of time crying about their boobs… somehow they all got ‘pushed in’… and I think that my little brother spent some time playing with my dolls too.

So, I like babies, my brother likes cars and boobs. Simple.

My kids are living in this techno world, where everyone in the entire world (except me of course) has a iphone an ipad an ipod. They tap and swipe away, learning at an alarming rate. They are amazing and they have amazing toys. They have so much available to them it’s hard to see what the ‘must-have’ would be. Aside from the electronic toys, I would say Lego is the biggest favourite for my boys, it’s been this way since the Duplo years right through to the Meccano years… where as my girl has always been ‘baking’, from pretend kitchens to playdough cakes, mud pies and glorious concoctions from the garden. As soon as she was old enough she was helping in the real kitchen and inspires me to get back in there are bake too.

My 365 photos are based on what my kids ‘must-have’ toys would be.

There’s one in every crowd 166 / 365
Child #2 and I made Cake Pops today! Chocolate cake balls covered in candy melts and white chocolate! Mmm.

Cake Pops








Chomp chomp 167 / 365
and today we chomped on them! Oh they were good!

Cake pop chomped on














Lego Man 165 / 365
My Lego loving boys found their old box of Duplo and made me something special… a Mega Minifig. The little Lego man is standing on his foot.

Lego Man Maxi Minifig














Tell me… what was your  ‘must-have’ toy from when you were a kid?


6 responses to “What were the must-have toys when you were a kid?

  1. This is a lovely memento tania. I love the way you preserve memories.
    To add to your favourite things as a child I would be inclined to add your colouring books and pencils and your Little Golden Books, of which you had quite a collection! Chris had those Disney Books, the big ones that I read to you both over tim?.

  2. I still have those big Disney books …. and began collecting my own set of Little Golden books for my own kids. Sure are a winner there. They’ve finished with them but I find it hard to part with them.

    Mum – what was your favourite when you were a kid?

  3. And I still like cars and boobs. It’s just the real thing now…

  4. Thanks for the chuckle…. great lego building – definately still a must have for my boys along with the hotwheels cars and Thomas the tank engine for the littlest. Me I remember Barbies and books – yep I was a book worm – wish I still could be as much 🙂

  5. All I ever wanted was a real Barbie. Unfortunately, my Mother didn’t believe in them (she was before her time) so what I got was Havoc action doll (for your enjoyment: http://www.havocdoll.co.uk/havocdoll.htm).
    Not even close. Besides that, books. Still my first love.

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