Beyond the page memories: iris babao uy

We used this lovely range of papers by Simple Stories in this weeks class and they were so wonderful to work with. Creating 3 layouts and 4 cards with them – with plenty of left over.
We have parts of this “100 days of Summer”  still in stock.

Tonight I found this on Aussie Scrap Source’s blog and had to share here

Love what Iris did with this!

Tray Iris Uy 1

 Tray Iris Uy 2


Iris had so much fun creating this display tray for her daughters. Iris wanted to recreate the scenes of summer for her kids and what better way to decorate and embellish the tray but to use the miniature toys in her daughter’s Sylvanian House collection.


Tray Iris Uy detail 2

Tray Iris Uy detail 3

Tray Iris Uy detail 4

 Iris used the beautiful Memory Works Simple Stories ‘100 Days of Summer’ paper range for each of the backgrounds in the 7gypsies tray, as well as using the stickers and handcut elements as embellishments.

 Tray Iris Uy detail 5

 Tray Iris Uy detail 1

These small pieces are always left around lying on the floor, table tops… always at the risk of being thrown away, so Iris picked up a few, and attached it to her tray, making sure that these small pieces will never be lost to her children.


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