What to do when it’s overwhelming?

What does one do when they need to escape their feelings for a while? I don’t know… I was hoping you would answer that!

My first answer would be ‘keep busy’.

My family have given me all the space I needed to be with my Nanna, Pop, Mum and Aunts this past week, and they needed a little of me too by Sunday afternoon. I had pottered in the garden, talked with each of them and was finding myself wanting to do ‘something’ but not wanting to do ‘anything’, but needing to keep my hands busy.  Child #2 was calling me to come paint with her, so I did. That works a treat every time. I do love to paint. So I painted this canvas yesterday afternoon.

Now my Mum will like it, but I do not, it’s a complete cheat, a fraud! It was one of those kits that supplies the paint and tells you how to mix the perfect shade and where to put it. It’s a no-brainer – fun.. but not my work. I just ‘coloured’ it in.

I like these ones better from a while back… because I painted them myself freehand, and if you were wondering, those 2 ‘special’ ladies who were the recipients of my paintings, were both of my Grandmothers; My Nanna and my Oma. My Nanna’s painting remained on her wall till today.

But… it did the trick. It kept me busy without straining any muscle in my foggy brain. Yup that’s the trick – keep busy.

So I thought I’d go into work today, as much as I wanted to stay curled up in my bed I made myself rise, shower and go through the motions of getting to work.

I didn’t realise I would be greeted with this:

And today I would spend most of the day cleaning, thinking that maybe I should have stayed in bed after all. The ceiling/roof had lifted again during the Saturday night storms and left the shop and the workroom in an awful state. It’s all secured now, the blokes from GBSC spent a great deal of time battening it all down to be sure it’s safe but looks like we will be getting ourselves a new ceiling! Know what that means? Yup! More work! As if we haven’t had enough already.

Oh well… it’s only dust… and it kept us very busy all day!


One response to “What to do when it’s overwhelming?

  1. OH YUK. Those are the day’s where you wish you could just shut the door and walk away.

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