Winter Wonderland

Winter is officially over for us as of today! Spring is here and I am looking forward to the day when I don’t need my cardigan in the mornings. Oh how I love Spring.

What’s your favourite Season?  Do you prefer Summer or Winter? It’s tricky, because when you are stinkin hot, you wish it were Winter and when you are freezin ya butt off, you wish it were Summer. Never pleased are we?

Been to the snow recently? These snowy glittered papers are perfect!

Snow Swirl Cluster  (SP) Snowflakes  (SP)

Snow Swirls  (SP) Icicles

© QBaroo 2004 © QBaroo 2004 


3 responses to “Winter Wonderland

  1. I’m now entering Autumn after a hot Chinese summer. Not looking forward to Winter where it gest down to -23 and doesn’t get about -10 during the day

    • Bwahaha – and here’s me complaining that I have to put my cardi on in the morning. LOL – Perpective.

      So Chris… Autumn is your favourite Chinese season then? Not Winter?

  2. Hurrah! Will have to work on my skiing photos on Monday night 🙂

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