You can’t argue with a Mum

I bought myself a gift today. Yup… it came up on my screen… like it was meant to be… so I pre-ordered it.

Had. To. Have. It.

You know what his Mum says? She says it is his best album ever.

Who am I to argue with his Mum? Of course it will be his best album ever. 

And my poor kids will be remembering Christmases for-ever-more with the sound of his voice… just as I remember my Mum’s Bing Crosby Christmas records. Bwhaha… my turn!



4 responses to “You can’t argue with a Mum

  1. oh yay!! more Michael! I’m so getting it… my husband will not be impressed.. he permitted one Michael song last time i put my ipod on 😦 i just turned it down so he didn’t know it kept playing. The advantages of being a mum, super hearing!

  2. Omg order me one too!!!!!!!

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