Reading old posts

Instead of writing today I had a little flick back through some old posts. I have been doing this gig for 6 years now; writing this blog. Sharing snippets of my life, my work, my family. Hopefully it inspires, gives someone a smile, or encourages someone to hug their child. I don’t really mind if it doesn’t do any of those things, but I’d really like to think that it possibly could.

Instead of writing about my fabulous Sunday, tonight I read back through an old post… and you know what? It inspired me! It made me smile, and it encouraged me to go and hug each of my children.

This one – my birthday a few years back.

Yeah… that’s what it’s all about! I love my life.

So about today… This morning after my King let me have the longest sleep-in, I played plasticine with my boys and I can’t wait to show you the creations of my Child #4, he is amazing. Let’s just say he has been “smurfed”. I spent hours in the garden again, (worked till I was sore instead of just getting a half hour to play with), the boys went off to a friend’s house (so it was blissfully quiet for 3 hours) the King washed and clipped the mutts, Child #1 was happy all day, and the Princess baked some sweets. My camera is unhappy and I haven’t been on 365 for the longest time, but I brought out the little work camera to snap some pics of her meringues… Pat this is what happens to your eggs!

I am so glad I allowed my princess to bake with me at every opportunity when she was little, even when it was too messy or took too long. I am so glad I let her wear what she wanted to wear, her choice of clothing is completely adorable. She made this dress at her Nanna’s a little while back, because she wanted something that was more her style. I am so glad she is exactly who she is – because she is perfect!

Sweet 168 / 365
Sugar and spice and everything nice, ribbons and curls because she’s a girl.

Take care, see you soon.


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