A New Year

Are you one of those people who look at the New Year as new beginnings? A fresh slate? A chance to put the year before behind them (especially if something bad happened in that time)

I guess each new year is a new beginning, kinda like the new week is… then if you break it down even further, each day can be too.

It all depends of what you do with your time? You have exactly the same amount of hours this week as I do…exactly… unless either you or I kark it in the meantime. What do you plan to do with your hours?

Make them count! Get busy? Get creative? Relax? Do what you ned to… your hours are yours and yours alone. Me? I need to work, I need to sleep and I need to sloth out some too. I wasted used a good number of hours slothing realxing on Sunday. I needed to!

But tonight (technically Monday morning now) I got busy. Somehow I get my wind after it gets dark? What’s with that? Anyhow, I got busy on my ipad… haha… yeah yeah, I hear you snigger, busy? Well, actually after I finished playing Smurfs and Angry Birds I began sorting my notes and lists into it… and I got really busy. I filled in what date they were due and what I had to do, my mind is reeling with things to do and remembering them all. Anyone who has ever seen my desk at work will know all the little pieces of paper I have with notes on them… well, at home there are no notes,  it’s in my head… and my head was full!  It took me a while, but I now have 47 overdue tasks! But… but… at least they are not in my head anymore. I feel liberated… and happy.

Happy New year everyone! I hope it’s brilliant!



and here is a photo for you from yesterday


Surviving the heat  204 / 365

This is my first rose plant that is in the garden. It was given to me by a friend when my Nanna passed away and I have been so worried that I might lose it before it grew. It has flowered beautifully, but this weather is knocking it (and everything here) around with high temperatures. Hopefully it will survive summer.

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