Dental work

My dentist is a lovely lady, she is kind and considerate and tries to make my experience there as pleasant as possible.

“Don’t be fooled,” I am told, “all dentists have a sadistic streak, that’s why they call them dentists, they like to see you squirm”.

“No, no, no, that’s simply not true!”

I had a  manky wisdom tooth  removed today. Ow.

I tried real hard to be calm, and thought I was doing a pretty darn good job, until they said, “she’s not breathing”, and commented to each other, ” look at her frightened eyes, looks like dear-in-the-headlight-kinda-wild”.

“it’s ok, you’re doing well,” the nurse kindly crooned, it was then I thought I had better let my grip go of the poor nurse whose hand I was mangling, and to put my legs back down on the chair as they were up in the air. What is it about the dentist that I cannot handle? What a friggin sook!

Not the sort of thing you want done everyday. Oh well, to look on the bright side, I get a day off work tomorrow and I’ve been told not to smoke, drink alcohol or do any heavy work for the next couple of days… I think they mean couple of weeks! Aha, that’s what I’ll tell the kids anyway, and have them run around doing my chores

I was also told no sports, no netball, no running around. I think they have me confused with someone who might actually do something athletic. Trust me… There are no worries there.

Can I do the floors? No. Can I do the dishes? Yes… But shhh, I won’t tell if you don’t.

Can I sit on my butt and play on my iPad?  Most definitely.

And a photo for you from my project.

Always together 206 / 365
Hubby is looking after me even more so today as I had a wisdom tooth extracted, and am feeling a little sorry for myself, but he is always looking after me. Always there. Always together.
My brother took this pic of us on Christmas day, and it quickly became my new favourite photo


2 responses to “Dental work

  1. Sorry you suffered the cruel intents of your nice dentist, but the pain soon goes and life returns to normal, whatever that is 🙂 albeit less a wisdom tooth. I love the photo of you and Andrew, I can clearly see the love you share. Nice.

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