Pity Party Over

Today was Pity Party day…. and it turned out to be a fizzer.
There was no Pity. There was no Party.

I was supposed to be sad and sore and swollen and sorry for myself. But I was not. Hooray! I must have done something good to someone in another life to be spared the misery that others have had with their wisdom teeth.

Well, I was a little sore during the night, my ice pack ran warm, and  I slept in… then I figured I may as well work from home today as Kira has a good handle on the shop. She’s so helpful and friendly and does a fabulous job, I am sad at the thought she will be away with her little bundle of babyness, but also very excited for her as I see her filling out in front of her pink workshirt. Pregnancy is so beautiful and she is a great Mum.

My girl is away with a friend, so I hung with my boys, each of us sitting on a computer, me organising photos and “researching” scrapbooking wholesalers and “thinking” of class ideas for 2012. I am not ready to reveal our classes just yet, have to tweak a couple of things, but an email will go out (if I ever get my butt to work) and we are taking bookings if you don’t want to miss out for adults scrap, cardmaking and  kids class  for Term 1, beginning February.

I have been plugging things in my my  ipad’s to-do list and ticking some off… now 2 days later I have 49 incomplete tasks. Seems I had better get used to seeing that in bold red numbers. It will be 47 again soon as I tick off  ‘photo of the day’ and ‘ blog post’.

Tonight we watched Transformers number something-or-other. Not really my thing, and I sat with them for the first 10 minutes, then moved to my desk which is still in the same room, and my ears are still ringing from the volume of the speakers. Boys! Man I love them… but am glad I am a girl! Bring on scrap night.

I hope you and yours had a lovely day, and if you are out and about tomorrow come say hi at work… I might actually be there! Shock.

and today’s upload for 365…

Super Kid  207 / 365
This is my kid… and he sure is super!
Spent the day with my 4 boys today in the land of computers and Transformers


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