Fifteen Hundred.

That is quite a number. 1500.
That’s the amount of times I have pressed the button “publish” to this blog.


WordPress sends me numbers.

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 57,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 21 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Numbers. Numbers. Numbers.

I actually like numbers. Shhh, don’t tell my Math teacher. In all reality you probably can’t because he will be in an old-people -home by now.

Now don’t assume that I would think any of my posts could even slightly compared to anything  of the mighty Sydney Opera House, even the front steps! It was WordPress that  sent me the figures. I guess they wanted to make me feel good.

In fact it is you, who makes me feel good. You make me feel that I am not alone. Whether you realise or not, it is you. You respond when I write about scrapbooking, post a new must- have product or put up a page someone has been working in, whether you come in to my little store,  book for a remote class kit to be sent to you, or repin a favourite picture to Pinterest, I notice. You are there listening to my trials and tribulations of being a mother of twins, a growing girl or a handicapped boy. You leave me notes of encouragement and advice, you come back again and again bumping the “hits” up to read updates… I see you. I notice you there. Whether it is a fleeting visit, or you come back often to see what we are up to, I notice your presence and I am grateful for it. You make me  aware that I have the most amazing family and friends, blog readers, staff and customers and ‘people who just pop in’,  who “care” enough to do so.

I am the owner of a scrapbook store and it’s not like I am going to take over the world or become wealthy, but I feel very proud to have the important job of sharing the creative joy of scrapbooking with you. Be it with inspiration or fancy products, it is all the same, it’s about sharing the story. You are entrusted with the important task of recording your story, you will tell it the best, and it will be there for future generations. Your art, your pages, your photographs. Your story.

So go forth and scrapbook! Oh… and leave me a note in the comments field and I will have something special for you.

 and here is a photo from my project – taken at Point Moore Beach – Geraldton20120118-000335.jpg


3 responses to “Fifteen Hundred.

  1. I find scrapbooking to be an intergral part of life and more important than getting the dishes done the bed made and the dinner cooked, and although all these things do get done, it is not a job of the lasting kind, nor one for which we recieve recognition or even thanks.
    But fill a few albums with your craft and you leave behind a legacy of supreme importance and interest for many generations to come. Get what I’m saying? Well all that work, the many hours devoted to the craft are all, in my case at least, insprired by Tania and her own dedication to the craft, her teaching abilities, her amazing growth through the years in perfecting her craft and sharing it with so many thousands of people. She IS the inspiration behind my own dedication and resolve to creat my legacy, my life and my love of it. .

  2. I started reading your blog I think because you had some cut files. But what has always kept me coming back is hearing about your life. The ups and downs with Josh I think are especially touching but I love hearing about all the things your family does.

  3. You know it was YOU who got me hooked….for years I thought “Who’s got time for that?” and then Oliver was born and the importance of recording our stories became obvious 🙂 and the fact that pretty paper is involved is just a bonus 😉

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