Feeling the love


The box of chocolates my beautiful husband left on my pillow this morning was bigger than my pillow. He had figured out that I like chocolate and doesn’t hold back when it comes to indulging me, God I love that man!
Valentines Day is a day he has always despised – for years and years, he didn’t want to be “told” to buy a gift on a certain day to prove his love for me. For many years I pouted and spent Valentines Day sadly watching the flowers for my co-workers at the pharmacy being delivered, and listen to their romantic tales of a special lunch date or dinner for two that was planned. Man I was sad, and it bothered him that I was affected like that, so it made him despise Valentines Day all the more. He hates flowers, he hates jewelry, he hates cards.
I knew he loved me, I had no doubt, but I really really wanted the romance that came with that special day. He wanted me to be the girl who didn’t care if she was remembered on Valentines Day or not. I tried to be. I failed.
So he tried.
The first time, about 20 years ago he gave me a “practical” valentines gift. It was a weekend, and before I awoke he drove off somewhere. He returned to my bedside a little while later, proudly saying Happy Valentines Day and presented me with a garden plant in a pot. A big pot. On my bed. I still smile at the memory of it.
He hates buying flowers. Hates it.

Soon I became accustomed to empty valentines, and it no longer bothered me, he spoils me with chocolates all the time, and never says “no” to anything, (well almost), heck he even brought home the Smurf movie the other day because he thought I’d like it (seeing as I waste so much time on the game).  But for some reason, he had a change of heart over the years, and I have now had a number of valentine gifts, chocolates, flowers, even the occasional card. A pink heart clock came home one year, and that year it broke his dear daughter’s heart that he bought it for me and not her. I still have it by my computer, it’s pink and very childlike, but I love it so very much. Last year a small pink pig fluffy toy, I didn’t quite know what to make of that one… But he bought it, and presented me with it, and by goodness I put it on my bedside, ugly, stupid pink and a pig! You know what? It’s still there.
You know what else? Those stupid and ugly gifts, that he chose thinking I would like them, mean the world to me, even more because I know how much he doesn’t like buying them.

I made him homemade cards (and I snuck a peek in his undie drawer – he still has many of them) Those hand made cards are a winner.

Pretty brave of me huh? To go in his undie drawer.

Happy Valentines Day, sending you love!


One response to “Feeling the love

  1. He sounds exactly like Pete, hates the fact that the day is so commercialized.. one year he gave me a potted rose and said “Happy Commercial Day” This year I was expecting nothing (cause he didn’t get me a christmas present..pout..) and he gave me a single rose and a balloon (I love balloons!) It was the fact that he was willing to put aside his dislike for “the day” and still make an effort that meant the most.. plus I have a balloon.. i love balloons 😀 I hope you had a fantastic day Tania, you most certainly derserve to be spoilt!! -Verity

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