Artistic kids

Kids need to be kids, and that includes sleeping in and playing games. I don’t know about you, but I love the school holidays when the kids get a chance to kick back and relax, Lord knows it’ll pass all too soon, they’ll be grown and wishing they were teenagers again.
So I let my kids be kids, they sleep late, they play games, they see friends. We chat, we swim and we spend time in the yard together. I do ask them to a few simple things though.

Do something productive
Do something helpful.

And for the rest of the day… Enjoy yourself! (Just don’t bug anyone too much)

Our kids classes are on again next week, and there are two days of free choice… Where kids just get to be kids. They can do whatever they like, a scrapbook page, cards or just make flowers if they choose. Free choice.
We also have some projects and also some scrapbook pages for them to do too. Check the flyer in “current timetable” for projects and dates and times.
On Thursday we did this little project where the kids got inky with the glimmermists, stickers, and other embellishments. They had fun! Some created their own designs, others used the samples as inspiration.


We have scrapbooking for kids also on during Term 2, and if your little scrapper would like to join us you might be wise to get in quick to book a place.


Term 2 kids classes begin on Saturday 5th May, each class is held fortnightly at 1pm – 3pm. Cost is $80 term, (=$16 class) or individually $20 class.



2 responses to “Artistic kids

  1. Hi Tania! Love the cards! The kids did a fantastic job on them. I agree, kids need to be kids and have fun. Thanks for sharing. ~Sophia

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