A day with Tim Holtz


Good golly Miss Molly I am a tad excited! I have been hanging out to tell of our news… The Scrapbook House has been invited to spend a day with Tim in Melbourne at a special retailer day. Oh my oh my, this is so good! I just about peed my pants I was so excited! That is 8 hours with Tim! Oh my oh my! Invite only!

And… I get to invite a friend – I bet ya’ll wanna be my friend now!

Actually, The friend needs to be working in my store – so I bet ya’ll wish ya as working in a scrap store right now!

So, seeing as Kira is going to be indisposed for a little while with her new bundle of joy it will be Sharon going with me. Lucky though, might have had mutiny on our hands if Kira was able to go.

Our invitation is due to the terrific range of Tim Holtz products we stock at The Scrapbook House and have had since it first was introduced. Of course, anyone who knows us, also knows that the Holtz lines are synonymous with our classes, and there has been many a class with Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink on the requirement list. My absolute favourite, and it’s paid off! Woo hoo!

More news soon…. But this can only mean one thing for sure…. More Tim Holtz at The Scrapbook House.


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