Treasure hunting

I am a firm believer in the fact that you are never too old to go on a treasure hunt. Especially when you KNOW there is chocolate at the end!
My kids have had treasure hunts throughout the years, and I usually sit up at night writing on bits of paper and working out where I am going to hide them. It is challenging and each year they grow I have to change the level of difficulty. It started out as pictures, then words, then clues. This year I enlisted the help of and printed out the fabulous clues and puzzles leading to various places around the house.

Some years we have had 3 hunts going at once, sometimes it’s a take-turn kinda thing, other times it was a team effort, with clues that I knew each child would have to contribute with their individual knowledge.
For Easter this year, we had an extra “hunter” so we divided into 2 teams with different clues. Two girls on red team, and two boys on blue.
The distinct lack of enthusiasm disappointed me after I had hidden all the clues and the goodies, and the late start to the morning is nothing usual in this house of teens. (Slow and uninterested are 2 words that spring to mind) But… as soon as they had that first clue in their hands they were off and flying, running throughout the house! Working out the answers was hard, and the pressure on each team to win was hilarious, the girls flew ahead, but we’re stumped with the conundrum at the end, giving the boys time to catch up and beat them by a whisker… All pushing and shoving,laughing and shouting for the prizes in the hallway.
Great fun, and everyone’s a winner!
Go to the website to print your own out and have yourself a chocolate hunt!


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