Our Basic Grey Page of the Month for March was using the Konnichiwa papers, and there was a fair bit left after Liz, Jo, Skye and I did our pages together. Liz the smarty pants went home to use the rest and not to be outdone (but of course she already has) I decided that I would use old things to make a page and incorporate something from this kit too. It was hard!
I really like new things!
So, I had a go, and this sat on my desk for so long… And gathered a whole lot of plastering dust along the way. I got back to it this Easter and this is what I came up with.


It has some paper on it that is years old and I was pretty happy to dig out that Mothers Day quote from my stash. See! Knew I would use it one day!
Scrunched up some old flowers too, my favorite thing to do with these since I saw Jenny do this at retreat last year and tucked a few of those Basic grey flowers in to tie in with the papers. Certainly not my favourite layout, but happy to use old things and get another photo scrapped to put in the album.


I loved this day, Mothers Day, at the end of the day, Mum and I, with the 3 youngest kidlets, headed to the beach for some photos. It got dark to quick and we missed the sunset, but the kids were happy to run about and get a little wet, playing in the sand and the surf. A lovely memory.


2 responses to “Leftovers

  1. Its gorgeous, and you have wayyyyy outdone me!! xo

    • Liz your POTM was hands down better than my mess. Really don’t know what I was thinking! and…. I know you would have used your scraps!
      You are making me wanna be a better scrapper. xxx

      Oh… And I WISH I could post on your blog…. I have tried numerous times but it doesn’t like me. 😦 but I do read and smile, and be inspired. You are amazing. 🙂

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