How to – distress stain

Tim Holtz distress stain is the new product focus for class one term 2. (which starts first week in may just in case you wanted to play along with us, there is time to book for term 2 even if you don’t live near us, we post!)

But if you can’t wait to learn in Sharon’s fabulous class, then check this link out for a quick lesson. Really it’s so easy, you gonna love them! You’ll wonder how you did without them!


So, with our first class you will receive one black distress stain ( so don’t buy that one) but you will also need one more to suit your layout.
Its not just the colours pictured either… They come in ALL the distress ink colours that we have come to know and love – and we stock every single one! We have every ink, every refill, stain and also distress stickles in the range.
We also have a few of those limited editions distress ink sets of 3 if you were after them.


3 responses to “How to – distress stain

  1. typical just when i skip this terms lessons..bum:(

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