Page of the Month – April

The basic grey page of the month is using the Plumeria range of papers and embellishments. It’s a lovely floral with touches of purple.
I don’t seem to use purple often, but I immediately liked it, and I loved the buttons and borders in the pack too. Last Monday night for our Open Scrap Night, I set to work on this layout, and again came home with a layout almost complete, again without photos, title or journaling. I promised myself not to go on until it was finished and I found that no photos would suit.


The colour purple just was wrong. Do you recognise these photos? They are from our Red Dress shoot. Red most definitely does not go with purple… Unless you are in the Red Hat Society… then of course it goes! So I opened a few photos in photoshop and switched to black and white, thinking this was the fix-it-all solution. Usually works, but I felt it was lacking just a little, so back to photoshop I went with the original. Being dedicated to the cause of getting this layout done I kept at it, and ended up deciding to alter the colours ( for those who want to know, I reduced the saturation, then i picked out the ‘red’ hue only and altered it to purple.
Not only did it work for this layout, but i still have a bunch of ‘red dress’ photos that I can use on another layout and one might not even notice it was from the same shoot.


Funny faces – dontcha love them? I tell my kids off for this sort of behavior! The journaling was printed on the back of some leftover, it took me a couple of tries, but there was plenty of paper to play with… Give it a go.


The leftovers were destined to be the kind that got put in the stash never to be play with again, so I thought I may as well do something with them also… and it wasn’t midnight yet. 🙂


Then with the last few ( and because by the time I got to this it was well after midnight, I put this simple card together. The flowers are cut from the back of the borders packaging.


Thanks for looking. Have wonderful day! I’m working in my garden today, it’s beautiful gardening weather here.

Tania xxx


5 responses to “Page of the Month – April

  1. Brilliant! Beautiful and brilliant! Plus, Purple is amongst my most davourite colours.

  2. Gorgeous layouts and so clever of you to change the red to purple……that pic of you and chris is an oldie 😉

    • Thanks Louise. I have had this photo of us saved for the longest time… Figured I had better do something with it! I love all the expressions.

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