Showing the love

It’s the little things in life


Like this letter from Samm. Naw…. How cute. She’s the little sister of one of our gorgeous kids who attend classes during term. Theres a couple of pictures and lots of hearts and the font is pretty awesome… All curly on the ends. Another creative little person who is going to grow up to be more creative than I ever was.
It’s up on my desk along with other tidbits given to me by sweet souls over time, it’s sure to make me smile.

It reads..

“Dear Tania. I hope you have a happy day. Love Samm”


Simply and beautifully. I hope you have a happy day too.
xxx Tania.


2 responses to “Showing the love

  1. I love the cuppa, the candles and the yoga pose…….too sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This type of acknowledgement warms the heart.

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