People I meet

You know, I get to meet some of the most amazing woman in our community, they come and go though the store, sometimes giving us a glimpse of how marvelous they are, other times we know that they don’t even know themselves how amazing they really are. I just love meeting the people I do.
Some are artistic, some are compassionate, some funny, some creative, some a great with colour, some are learning, some need a shoulder, and a couple I know need new shoulders!
I meet great Mums, and excited Grannies, I meet people who love their families. I meet other like-minded scrapbook store owners and I meet people online. I have made friends with people all around the world, from Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada to the Netherlands.

I love my job, and the people who surround me… Thank you. You make such a difference in my life.

Here is a layout from one of the amazing women who has come into my life through The Scrapbook House, her name is Julie and I think she is terrific!
The Konnichiwa layout from the Basic Grey POTM didn’t suit her, so she made her own… and as I watched in wonder as this creation come alive I asked if she would mind if I posted it here for you to see.


Just look how many photos she managed to get into this


I just love how much FUN she has with this.


Thanks Jules for sharing!


2 responses to “People I meet

  1. What a fabulous layout!!! The bold colors are fantastic!! I love the small paper lanterns!!! Beautiful!!! ~Sophia

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