Scrapbooking Studio

This is where the magic happens!


And it’s going to happen this week a lot!
Classes are starting for Term Two on Tuesday morning and Tuesday night, and they look fabulous! We have great designers and the first adult class is by Sharon Drown… I will introduce you a little better to our whole team very soon as I just realize I haven’t done that for a while… Naughty me!
Then we move onto the card making class on Wednesday morning.Thursday is another scrapbooking class and then Saturday the kids get to have a play!

I love our classroom, or (workroom as it is affectionately known) as its the place where so much has been shared, thank goodness those walls don’t talk… “What is said in the room… Stays in the room”. Unless of course its fabulous gossip then we’ll all got share with ten people each and put it on Facebook!

Seriously though, many a friendship has been made here, between many a person over many a year.

Love this place.

Don’t forget we kit each class if you can’t make it to our “studio” so you can still join in with our awesome classes. I have 5 kits for each scrapbooking class of Term 2 left to sell, approx 5 card making kits and 1 kids class space left.


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