Kira’s send off

Kiras last day at work has been steadily approaching as she has a new baby due to arrive soon.  She is actually due this Saturday, so I thought she’d tire of work well before now. Wonder woman!

So, on Tuesday, her last day, we thought we’d make it a little fun for her and for the girls who scrap and have cake with a few baby games as a little send-off.


The prize for the delivery date is yet to be collected ( and I hope I win because I think I know what the prize is)  and the weight, seems everyone is wishing for a nice size for her. Whatever will be, will be, and it will be wonderful.

Kira’s belly size game was easy for me, I did have a little inside knowledge with uniform sizes though, but happily took the first prize of chocolate along with Sharon as we had guessed the same length. Chocolate is chocolate, worth winning, and there’s nothing wrong with an educated decision. (ok, so I cheated)

Bruce gave us a little chuckle from the Dad’s point of view with some questions fired at him to answer early over his morning coffee about how much he thinks a baby sleeps and eats and nappy needs. He’s a great Dad, and will have an Eagles jumper on this little one very soon I think.

We all enjoyed cake and lunch from Senses Cafe, as well as a few chockies. Kira’s cake was a white-chocolate mudcake, with blue cars for decoration – so cute. I think that is now my very favourite cake in the whole world, divine! 

I made cupcakes and whilst at Let’s Party picking up blue table-cloth I found some cute cupcake pans and little flags – oh the flags were a hit! I want to put flags on everything now. Our kids were very interested in the cupcakes in the morning before school and wanted to eat them (of course).
I remarked that “I was up till midnight making these little babies!”
and Child #3 responds with “Mum, if you were up making babies last night…”
I held my breath and my eyes opened wider…..
he continued without stopping “then why didn’t you make baby cats… we’d like  kittens”.
Breathe out. 

There were no classes today, and a few of the girls come along to scrap anyway, finish of old projects and begin work on something new. It’s a lovely little community of scrappers, sharing laughs, stories and time together creating.

By the end of the day it was a little sad to realise that Kira wont be in to work with her smiling face and ability to do 3 things at once and get them all done quickly and efficiently. I will miss her and wish her all the best with her lovely family.  I can’t wait to meet the new little bubba!



One response to “Kira’s send off

  1. ohhhh thats a very sweet story of my last day…. i feel very special now!

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