Did you miss me?

No… I didn’t think so. 😛

But I am back into blogging anyway.

I am amazed at how long I didn’t blog for… the first time in over 6 years where I didn’t post for months! Oh well, that’s behind now and we can look forward.

We have had some great classes and I have had fun and games with my family too. I guess lots of us have. Sharon, Emily and I have been busily working away in the store. Kira will be back soon, so I am looking forward to some time to post here again.

We have some fun things coming up in term classes and retreat is on the horizon so we will have some great photos to look forward to as usual. We are heading to Paris for the Weekend (also know as back of Geraldton, Moonyoonooka, haha).

So… how have you been?


4 responses to “Did you miss me?

  1. About time. Missed you..

  2. Glad to have you back Tania! I’ve been away my self. But it sure does feel great to get back to crafting 😉 All the best ~Sophia

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