Ooh la la

I have been making these for our retreat…

Some turned out good, some not so.. I guess I need a bit more practice .
The original idea came from Martha Stewarts tutorial, where you fold 8 sheets of tissue in a concertina style, (about an inch and a half wide) and tie it up in the middle. I used string on one, fishing line on the others.
Dad was like “Pfftt, that’s a 25lb line…”,
I was cluelessly like… “So?”
Haha, anyway, whatever you like to tie it with, the tissue is super light so it doesn’t need to be super strong.
Fold it all up, the round the ends ( optional, but will look WAY better if you do), then pull each layer out GENTLY! If you are heavy handed or have very little patience, then give this job to someone else.

Now I need my to go see my friends at Jackson’s Art to get some more tissue to make some more! Swung past today after work, but they were closed already, looks like a job for next weekend… Anyone wanna help?


2 responses to “Ooh la la

  1. Tania, as a child I used just ordinary tissues (2 ply) and did the same method. you could spray with glimmer mist or dab with glitter glue as a highlight

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