Heartistry workshop

Back in April I started an online art course with the talented Louise Williams. This is what it started out like and here is the link to the original post
My desk looked like this…

And my canvas looked like this.

Well, it was a 6 week course and I was chomping at the bit for each weeks lesson plan to come to me. I finished up with it looking like this.

And you don’t really want to see what my desk ended up looking like… Lets just say I am messy and leave it at that. πŸ™‚

So I am thinking I need to add some words to it.. A quote maybe? The top left looks a little bare to me.

I have to be kind to myself as its the first time I have used pastels and created something a little more serious, I couldn’t expect much… but the way Louise encouraged us to go on and not worry too much about it all I am very happy with the result. Not bad for a beginner. Thanks Louise!
Here’s a list of things used on this class:
Paint, Gesso, texture paste, Glimmermist, bronze embossing powders, pastels, spray seal, tissue and scrapbook papers. Do you remember when I fell in love with templates? Here’s the original post – it was the kind of affair where you’ve been friends for a long time, then suddenly see things in a different way and bam… Love!
It leaves me wondering what other mediums are out there that I haven’t considered, and how much fun there still is to learn new things and share.
So back to the quote thing… What do you think? Add to it or leave it be?


14 responses to “Heartistry workshop

  1. Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! This is amazing! So impressed!! Have a wonderful day!! πŸ™‚

  2. Love it Tania, what a beautiful painting.

  3. I think I’d leave it – it’s gorgeous as it is and words might take away from it.

    • Thanks for your input Eva. I am still unsure, keep looking at it and not happy about the “empty space”. (Even on my desk,,, if there’s a space I’ll fill it with something! Lol) originally the face was smaller and lower, but I changed it before the heavy colours went on.

  4. love what you’ve done and thanks for the promo!! your work is beautiful πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Louise (blushing) you are so inspiring! Thank you for encouraging me to give it a go.. I was having fun the whole time, from the shopping trips at my Jackson’s store to sitting waiting for the next video… then actually getting into it. I loved doing it and surprised myself that she looks human! When’s the next class?

  5. Gorgeous work quite inspiring me to go and do one of Louises courses I have been drooling over her work and thinking its beyound me for quite some time youve give me hope if this was your first “play” I am IMPRESSED!

    • Thanks Marcia! You should totally got for it with Louise’s class. Only problem is waiting for each week to pass till the next portion of the class is released! Loved your post about Timmy too, you’ve inspired me to got look for our photos to share here too!

  6. Tania I love it the way it is. Sometimes I wonder if using text might be a passing phase (like crowns and wings)? Your portrait as it is, is beautiful and timeless. Perhaps get Peter next to Jackson’s to put a double mat next to the corner you’re concerned about to see how it will look framed before you make a decision?

    • Oh wise as always Fran. Thank you so much, you are probably very right about the passing phase of words. Framing though? I hadn’t thought about that, yikes, it wasn’t going on a wall!

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