A Life-size Witch


Wanna make a witch of your own to stir the cauldron? This lifesize witch is easy to put together, and looks really cool at night

You’ll need a few things…
A step ladder
A broom
Long branch (or a handle or other stick in some kind that is long enough to be the “spoon”)
Black tablecloth (or any other black plastic)
Witches mask
Witches hat ( the kind that has hair included)
Pair of cleaning gloves, (long ones – green ones look cool)
Sticky tape
Black tape
Cauldron (my husband tells people that we just borrow his mother in laws for the event, but we really just bought a large pot from Bunnings)
Christmas tree lights- 2 sets (clear is best)
Wood (like you would have at the base of a fire)
Red, orange and green and purple cellophane

Well, maybe there are a few more than a “few” things. We have brought the old witch out a few times now, so when we pack her away for the year we just stuff everything, (except the ladder and broom of course), into the large pot for next year.

This is what the cauldron looks like at night, with the alfoil and Christmas lights. I stuffed the bottom of it with newspaper first to give it height, keeping the broom handle firmly in the middle ( this is what holds the hands of the witch out) then scrunch up some foil and create a layer. Add the lights, and cover with scrunched green and purple cellophane. I tore mine too. Add some eyeballs in the mix and the occasional plastic spider or mouse to the edge of the pot.
The base of the cauldron has wood, with the christmas lights tucked in and the red & orange cellophane covering them, put some wood on top too. Looks mighty cool at night!
Stuff the gloves with newspaper (or even tissues) to fill them out, you will need both, and position them on the “spoon” in the cauldron, one on either side, suggesting she is “stirring”. I had to sticky tape these in place also. I used plenty of tape in the project!

This is the witch on a different year, but still set up the same way.
To set her up, take the step ladder and the broomstick. Insert the broomstick into the ladder so it stands upright. Tape this firmly into place. Add newspaper to the top with layers to make a head. I used plenty of tape for this. Then drape the plastic over the basic shape, using black tape to tape it to the ladder as well, so it is large at the base, covering everything, so you can’t see the ladder or the broomstick at all. All the wires from the lighting can be hidden under her “cape”. She will need to be connected to the gloves at some stage too, bring on more black tape!
Add the mask (you might want to out tape behind her eyes with black tape so you don’t see the newspaper) and tape it in place. Add the hat and you are done!
I hope you have fun!


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