Scrapbook retreats – past and present

Passports are issued for our retreat attendees who will be spending next weekend in Paris (also known as Moonyoonooka out the back of Geraldton, Western Australia)

Boarding passes are at the ready too, along with luggage tags. I love all these little home-made touches, time consuming, but worth it. I am one to keep my mementos, but rarely do something with them so have decided to make a scrapbook page “before the event” that has a place for these things as well as some photos. We all know that we take plenty of photos at our retreats! We have had such awesome themes, this year I thought we’d do the page “at” retreat and it would be sure to be done. The theme is “French” I wonder what everyone is dressing up as…
Our first retreat was back in 2003, I think the next year the theme was “Pink”, but I don’t even have the photos on my current digital media, that how long ago it was! Another year we did “masks”, I love how creative everyone is with their dress ups.
Last year we had 4 teams in colours… Red, green, blue and yellow. Have I scrapped these photo yet? Umm…no.

Then in 2010 we had the Black and White theme, with all manner of extremes…. Have I scrapped these photos? Umm… not yet.

2009 was “60’s” and the rock and roll came out!

In 2008 there was a Wedding. Oh that was so much fun! I think 2008 was my favourite retreat.

And who could forget the “Cricuts” – the best live performance I have ever seen!

Back in 2007 we had a Cowboy and Indian theme.



In 2006 we had a Gitz and Glam Gala Night.


Every year the retreat is a fun weekend, and always interesting! Many inspiring layouts are completed, new friends are made and laughs shared.
I wonder what this year will bring? Looking forward to it!


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