Fun with name tags

2 more sleeps to go before the big weekend is upon us, and everything is falling into place. So far, so good, (jusqu’ici ca va) and I have been having fun with the French theme. Check out some of these names… Too funny! 20121017-234315.jpg I added “french-ish” flair to our name tags for the girls at retreat.

Thanks Jo for the fabulous French music, it’s perfect and has been playing away in my car for a week now. I can’t figure out how to get it on my iPad, so I’ll have to bring a CD player.
And today our Scrap FX titles arrived, the finishing touch for our double page that we will complete on the weekend. I love it, it even looks good raw, thanks Jill for this custom job! 20121017-234252.jpg
Tomorrow will bring more goodies and the studio is being stocked up for the special occasion. Psst… Can I let you in on a secret? The consignment stock is being packed up on Monday, so if you aren’t going to retreat you can see it for that one day, Monday, before it goes back. If you like stamps and dies, you might wanna come in your lunch break… Just sayin’
Raelene is working on the perfect French menu to delight us with… She has things like Boulevard Beef and Loire Pork Loin… Ooh la la… Can’t wait!


3 responses to “Fun with name tags

  1. you can import a CD into your itunes on your pc and then sync to ipad and voila!

    • Thanks Louise! It’s my pc that is not playing nice. Stupid thing. Might go buy a Mac… haha. (just joking Chris, 🙂 )

      I will try on the laptop instead – hope it doesn’t wipe everything… have heard some bad stories on losing tunes.

  2. I simply LOVED it!! So cute!!! I love Paris, and loved seeing your talent!

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