A weekend in Paris

In October I spent a weekend with 2 dozen ladies in Paris. Well, okay, it was actually outback Rural Western Australia, but a girl can pretend, right?

Our retreat was absolutely wonderful, a weekend of scrapbooking, chatting, eating and socialising. Arriving at the airport ( also known as the back verandah) travelers were met by the Air France flight attendants to check in. Each passenger needed to show their passport ( which they received on booking) to get their boarding pass, luggage tag and “barf bag”. There were a few who had trouble getting through customs and many who had excess luggage. Security only needed to be called for 2 unruly passengers who tried to get through with white powder in their possession. One snuck an animal in. Once they were checked in with their stamp, given a new French name and had their passport mug shots taken we all arrived in Paris to settle in to scrap.
Our room looked amazing, with thanks to all our helpers, very Parisian! Katie, Emily, Michelle and David, all here helping to decorate for an amazing weekend. Thye were up and down ladders, cutting and folding, hanging and sorting boxes of stuff, as well as the never ending shifting of tables and chairs to have it “just right”. Thank you. ♥
Each guest was given a French bag, with a few treats inside; some sweet to eat, some to scrap with. I handmade everyone a French lavender heat bag, and of course, the trusty tourist item – a magnet for the fridge.
Our displays looked fabulous with thanks to a scrapping friend of mine who isl also as over -the-top with her events as I am, thanks Ruth! Emily made the dress for the bodice, doesn’t it look amazing, that girl has serious talent! 20121210-223840.jpg
How good does this lolly buffet look? Liz, my friend and collector of beautiful things loaned me some glass, and with Katie’s gorgeous glassware and the cutest little table it looked smashing! I am so lucky to know such fabulous people.
Our Saturday night dinner was lovely in the night air and the Eiffel Tower lit up the night as a great backdrop.
And of course we had plenty of dress ups!
In between all this fun and food, we scrapped the days and nights away! One weekend went very quickly! We also had a wonderful menu, with the French flair continuing here too, I might have to share more on another day as this post is getting too long ( the reason it took so long for me to post in the first place) I’d also love to share the scrapbooking side of our retreat too, so hopefully it doesn’t take me to so long to get back into blogging again.

I know this post is heavy with photographs, I have so many! If you’d like to see more, be sure to click on our Facebook page, there are plenty there! Ill be back another day with some scrappy retreat stuff to share.

Be good to one another.



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