10 year milestone

Our little store just celebrated 10 years in business last November and I am so proud.10 years at any job is a celebration, but 10 years in a small business is a real success. I have struggled, as any business does, it isn’t all hearts and flowers, but on a whole it has been an amazing adventure.
For me it is more of a lifestyle; it’s more important to be happy than to be wealthy.
So what does one do on a birthday celebration such as this? Well, they invite their customers and staff to help them celebrate… and they came! We wrapped up presents to give away as prizes and had birthday party games! First was a treasure hunt in the store and we had ladies rummaging through everything to find the elusive key-rings to win a prize. There were 22 hidden and some of them were HARD to find! I pity Sharon’s kids when they are looking for things she has hidden at home, they’ll have no chance! Pass the parcel (great idea Kira), was fun with a prize in every layer. The last one held a small item, but one that is valuable in our store… a Scrapbook House reward card… full with stamps. Nice!
Our sales were fabulous, 50% off all stickers and rub-ones, this included all old and new. There was a 25% off voucher that went out by email (you can sign up for our email on the Facebook page, click on the “exclusive” icon next to the “photos”) so everything was on sale. Some things were 70% off. Many things just went out as gifts or prizes, over $1000 worth of products was given away as it was just time to clear that old stock!
But the very best thing was the people that came to wish us congratulations. It is the people that make it worthwhile, it is the people that make my life good, and it is the people that make the Scrapbook House the lovely community it is. Staff, family, friends and clients, thank you for your support, thank you for believing in my little dream to sell pieces of paper to put photos on.

Thank you for sharing your stories and a bit of your lives with me and thank you for being a part of mine.


8 responses to “10 year milestone

  1. As your mother and parent I cannot express how proud I am of you! As a scrapbooker I been shown a whole new world because of you, your patience, your knowledge and teaching methods are unsurpassed. Your beautiful friendly nature belongs to this kind of world and your generosity has been evident throughout. I only have to stop and think about the efforts you have personally put into each and every Scrapbook Retreat to make so many woman feel so glad that they were given an opportunity to be part of one (or two … or all of them!) Your giving, patient, pleasant nature and beautiful disposition is why you are still in business. Scrapbooking is part of your world and you are happy to share it with others, this is one secret to your success! Conratulations my beautiful daughter. Here’s to another 10 years!!

  2. Everything your Mum said Tania and more, congrats on a wonderful ‘little’ store, just wish I could spend more time there πŸ™‚

  3. Well done Tania. As your brother and sibling…. …ditto.

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