Big week ahead for a little man

A hug goodbye for Wendy and we are on our way to Princess Margaret Hospital again.

Thanks to our family, friends, staff and scrappers for all your support for our cherished boy as he heads back for more surgery on his feet. You all know how stressful this is for our whole family and it means so much that you care. Organising for so much time away is difficult enough with my home, children, animals and the shop, Wendy is there for us again and my awesome staff offered to do more hours, I appreciate it so much knowing our store is in the best hands so I can focus on Josh.

I hope this year will be a good one for him, it was 2011 for his last major surgery and coupled with a few other things I felt it took all of 2012 to recover from 2011.

There are so many who care for this young lad, it keeps us all going. This time hopefully it will work and this twisting will be fixed and it will be more comfortable for him (after he’s healed of course)
We also have a fabulous room to bring him home to and care for him, last time it was so difficult that his chair didn’t even go through his bedroom door. Huge heartfelt thank you to our friends at Variety club and Shane Crothers, the difference you have made to our lives is magnified in times like this.
Meanwhile we have a big week ahead in making sure all is right for him.
Next update on Josh will be from the big smoke.

8 responses to “Big week ahead for a little man

  1. Love to you all, be thinking about you xxx

  2. Be thinking of you and hoping all goes well.

  3. You and Josh are always my prayers. This week I will be saying extra ones praying for a successful op and a quick recovery xxx

  4. Will be thinking of our boy josh ,sending love and hugs to you tania …..lets know if andy would like us crazy girls to vist him …xxxxx

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