Altered Apron Part 2

The colours lightened a lot as they dried, which we expected as the apron was so very wet to begin with. Still it’s looks like a “galaxy” and we are pretty happy with it. The Ice Stickles in blue and green added a nice hint of sparkle too.

20130521-194837.jpgI originally was going to add Prima flowers and some swirls with ink, kinda like this but Miss Emily thinks “no”, and to leave it the way it is. The flowers sure are pretty… But I am undecided… Thoughts?

Before and after…




4 responses to “Altered Apron Part 2

  1. I think that the apron’s lovely without the flowers – and I’ve never seen a flower-shaped UFO out there!

  2. I like the flowers…..would be rather gorgeous πŸ™‚

    • Maybe down low like yours? I did stick them on for a bit, but soon lost most of them as my hair caught them.I couldn’t find the last one for ages… The next day it turned up in Joshua’s bed, he must’ve caught it when I was squishing him goodnight. Haha, little monkey!

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