A new friend

I had the pleasure recently, of spending much of the working day with Michealle, my newfound friend as she created a piece of artwork for her wall.
I didn’t get much work done, but I had a lovely day, chatting and playing with paper, adhesives and wood. We broke out the sanding tools and the walnut distress stain too.
Michealle had a clear idea of what she wanted her artwork to look like, and that makes my job so much easier in delivering the right products and techniques to make it happen.

Michealle wanted a wall plaque, to go with another she was given by a friend. It didn’t need at match it, but to complement it as they would reside on the same wall. This was to be bigger than we usually work with, and a 15 inch wooden panel was the base board. Oh what fun! The main focus of the board would be the kindy picture of her daughter, (how sweet is this little girl? she is now in high school) Immediately I recognised this as I had helped the teacher with this very project many moons ago. I know of a few parents who have kept these photo gifts, the old calendars that were once below them now removed. I think the teacher would be happy to know how loved her gifts were. She put a lot of effort into them to have them so nice got each child to take home.
So Michealle’s coordinating wall art had panels of vintage looking pattern, a little blue to contrast and a huge butterfly dominating the board.
We still had a few sheets of the popular Prima Engraver papers and this worked beautifully. We figured out an overlapping design and began to adhere the papers, then added the layout to the board. Inking edges as she went, I loved showing her the tools and products. It’s always so nice to be able to teach someone something, and for Michealle being so new to the craft, she was getting a crash course on everything from cutting tools to inks and dabbers. I was in my element and her enthusiasm was contagious, with both of us, enjoying the afternoon together.
Next she discovered the Cuttlebug and the new Memory Box butterfly dies, the shadow along with the delicate overlay… They looked so sweet and added the finishing touch.

20130603-012625.jpg Layering the butterflies is effective and easily done with the dies that are designed to fit over each other so perfectly.

20130603-012940.jpgand of course a picture of the final work, ready to hang on the wall…

20130603-013059.jpgShe was so pleased with the final product, and rightly so too I believe.
Be good to one another



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  1. I love that……….

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