Art journaling “the weekend”

Its the first weekend of Winter here in Australia, temperatures have dropped (it was 7 degrees the other night) and time for the garden to change with the season. For those of us who live in Western Australia we had a long weekend, with Monday as a public holiday “Western Australia Day”, and our family certainly enjoyed the long break, lots of relaxing and hanging out together. Sleeping, games, gardening and a couple of marathon late nights of “Game of Thrones” on the TV.
This weekend Miss E and I planted some bare rooted roses out the front and also some shade-loving plants (forget the name) by the fence out the back. We are also trying Geraniums in the back garden, hopefully they’ll be ok. It has a lack of sun most of the day. Most everything there died early this year, and we feared it was the soil we brought in so we’ve been very cautious as to what goes there. Perhaps it was a watering issue??? We are not sure, but we tried very hard and it was a lot of time and money wasted, so we are hoping for a better outcome this season. On a positive note the jonquils have all popped up and look like they’ve doubled, also the grape hyacinths have sprouted and are healthy green. Oh and a few tomato plants have emerged, growing vigorously, must have come from seeds in my compost. The soil can’t be all that bad surely?

A quick page for my art journal – oh how I love the weekend.

20130603-235916.jpg Most of the time I don’t know where to start, I always feel the need to be given the “starting point” or some kind of “direction” in my art journal, and more often than not I stare at a blank page and it remains blank for the rest of the week. I wish creativity came to me easily. I am working toward trying my own hand rather than finding things I want to emulate. I spend a while lot of time looking at art, rather than making something individual.
I began with green chalk ink and then added the stem border with leaves.

20130604-000637.jpgMy journaling reads

I love the weekends – time to spend a lazy morning sleeping in late. I feel at such PEACE when I am sitting in the dirt of my GARDEN, working my body and enjoying the sounds and smells if the EARTH around me. Bring on the weekend! Is it Sunday yet?……….

I hope you enjoyed your weekend… They go too quick, even when it’s a long one!


2 responses to “Art journaling “the weekend”

  1. You are not one for keeping things alive in the garden sis. Me thinks you should be planting in Spring – not winter. Especially roses. They are dormant during winter and can suffer frost issues.

  2. 🙂 cheeky bugger! My garden looks pretty good for someone with a brown thumb… (but I have plants that have survived over 20 years – lol ). Yes Winter is dormant time for roses, that’s why it’s the best time to plant bare-rooted roses… perfect timing… before they even shoot. Frost? Here? Pfft… we are not in China. 😉

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