Winner winner chicken dinner

We had a little raffle running in store last month, and those who spent over $50 had their name put on a ticket and went into the draw.
Being the forgetful busy person I am, sometimes I failed to tell our customers about our free raffle. (It was on the counter under my nose). I don’t know, some would say I chat a bit and am easily distracted (pfft, me? I know, hard to believe) Anyway… so if we remembered after they left we put their name in the draw too. There ended up being quite a few like this and soon we had a full box of tickets to choose from and two lucky people would be happy scrappers. 20130604-235229.jpg

Congratulations to Shelley, who was the first name drawn from the box, she won a $40 gift voucher and also to Karen, who won a $25 gift voucher.
I didn’t think it would be hard for these two ladies to spend their prizes, and both were delighted when Sharon rang them with the good news. Karen was one of the lucky ones who didn’t even know about the draw. How nice to make someone’s day like that!

20130604-235136.jpgAny guesses what Shelley and Karen spent their vouchers on?
Hint: – Shelley likes art journaling and Karen loves making cards…


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