Quick easy cards with stickers and markers

Viv has created some card samples using the peel off 3D foil stickers – she makes it look so easy! The trims and words have been around for donkeys years, but I haven’t seen the flowers and other pictures used so well before. Makes me look at these little stickers in a different light now.

20130606-222102.jpgUsing stickers, card and markers you can make a gorgeous card like this! Peel off the stickers, (there are transfer sheets to make the job easier if you have a tendency to warp them) and stick them on card. Colour inside the lines with distress markers!

20130606-222409.jpgViv darkened sections of the colour by going over it again whilst it was still drying. The gold resists the marker to keep the colour inside the lines, how helpful!
Another sample here has the stickers on clear acetate, and it’s coloured with sharpies. You need a permanent ink on the clear film, this could also look good coloured from behind. Alcohol ink works well on clear film too.

20130606-222818.jpgA terrific look you can achieve with some simple stickers.

20130606-223146.jpgThanks Viv!

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