Learning to Draw an Eye using Charcoal

Having a daughter who is talented artistically is wonderful but having one who is willing to give the old lady a lesson or two is bloomin marvellous. She was telling me about the newest art assignment, “surreal, with a human element” and it sounded so interesting, I wish I was on school learning cool stuff. They were doing an eye using charcoal and then bringing in colour in the form of a landscape within. Trouble is I couldn’t even draw the basic eye in charcoal, let alone a landscape as they were planning in class.
My sweet girl assures me I could draw an eye, I just need to actually sit down and try properly.
So she sets us up to draw a basic eye, my first time with charcoal, messy stuff!

20130608-002559.jpg You need charcoal, paper (I did it straight in my art journal book) an eraser and a mirror. Light would have been good at this point in time too. Oh well.
With Miss Em’s instruction we began with the outline, shading as we went, looking at the eye for lines as well as the dark/light properties. Then bit by bit adding pupil, iris lashes and brow, blending and shading. The key was to really look at the subject, see the light and dark elements, add contrast where it needed it… and over and over she told me “it doesn’t need to be perfect”.

I erased my outlines a dozen times and it still looks pretty dodgy but for my first time with charcoal I am happy with the result, it does in fact, looks like an eye!
I think Miss Em is a fine teacher!


8 responses to “Learning to Draw an Eye using Charcoal

  1. Are you kidding! That looks fantastic. I think I may need to get a lesson or two from Miss Em!

    • Thanks Celeste, its amazing what we can do if we actually try. It was a good challenge but I liked having a “teacher”. I’m not much good without direction.

  2. I think it is fantastic Tania … Cathe did that landscape in the eye when she was at school too and we still have it … looking from back beach with the lighthouse from memory 🙂

  3. Oh, my what a beautiful eye you have my dear 🙂

  4. Wow, that’s an impressive first effort!

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