Printing photos at home

Seems to be the topic in town at the moment…
What options are available to us now that some of our printing labs have closed down?
Have you decided to print some photos at home, just don’t have the spare time during “opening hours” to sit at a kiosk, choosing and editing every photo? My home computer is so slow it infuriates me trying to send photos online.
Gone are the days when you had a camera, took some photos, then dropped the film in to the ladies at the lab, and viola, collected them one hour later! Hey presto, we had packets and packets of photos back then! Now, we have more photos than ever before, but less “real life”, tangible, hard copies. Now they are still on the camera, or on a computer, or maybe your phone, a USB, a cd, or if you are good, they are backed up to a external hard drive, or somewhere up on some cloud in cyberspace.
Think about this… In 100 years, when your future generations are looking through the boxes of their ancestors, will they really be able to access that hard drive?
Will your babies photos be printed off your phone? Or will they disappear when it’s lost, broken, stolen or even so old they don’t make batteries for it anymore?
I have a feeling there will be a gap in photos for many of our time if we don’t print them.
But I’ve been so fussy for so long I am thinking its time to let that go; perhaps a low quality photo, or a home printed photo is better than no printed photo at all.
Being in a scrapbook store you would understand that I need photos, and it was just getting ridiculous at how long I would go between visiting my printing store. It’s no wonder they closed down, even with the best intentions and will to support local business my measly few bucks wasn’t going to pay their rent.
So, I decided to buy a printer to do it at home… Well actually, I bought two. I know I know, but when I’m an all-in kinda girl and the features I wanted, weren’t on just one printer.
I use an iPhone, it has a great camera, and wanted to be able to press “print” directly from the “camera roll”, all wirelessly. I love it. I can take a photo in my garden, hit print, and the photo will be drying as I walk back in the house! Great for scrapping too! Its great for copying photos, I did this for Mums birthday recently? Took iPhone photo of original (make sure the phone is directly above the photo and straight) and was presented with a printed copy in the next room a minute later. Love how easy this is!
Downside? Ink and paper aren’t that cheap!
So, I also wanted a high quality print at a good price. This is where my little mate comes into the discussion,
I purchased a Epson Picturemate 235, it is a standalone printer (or can hook up to your computer) and only takes 4×6 paper. The quality is lovely, and will do a variety of sizes (all of course 4×6 or smaller). Go see Ricky or Dave at Mitchell and Brown and tell them you heard about it at The Scrapbook House, they’ll look after you. Papers and ink too!
For example 150 photos, paper and ink $45.00 that’s about 30cents a print. Pretty reasonable considering don’t have to leave the house! Pop your SD card in and away you go! Quality? Pretty darn good for an ink printer! Lovely and sharp, colours true.

So in a nutshell –
One dedicated photo printer for SD card, easy, cheap, quick, high quality prints. 4×6 only or smaller, no need for computer. Epsom Picturemate 235
Another printer for wireless quick iPhone prints and all other printing and scanning requirements like emails and documents. HP Eprinter.

Have fun!



6 responses to “Printing photos at home

  1. I love my little Picturemate- instead of popping into the lab every Monday morning to print PL pics, I now print at home Sunday night- and the quality impressed me right from the first print 🙂

  2. I am SOLD on the picturemate, can’t wait to get one.

    • 🙂 I hope it lives up to my review for you. (Just for the record – I am in no way affiliated with HP, EPson or Mitchell and Brown. I am merely giving my opinion)

      • Apparently M&B won’t be getting in the picture mates as they can’t get them from their supplier – though they can get the refills. Craziness! (and disappointing)

        • Have sorted this dilemma finally, by contacting Epson direct I am so happy I have managed to secure a special deal for my friends. Today only. I will be contacting those who have expressed keen interest. 😊Love being able help!

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