The stuff dreams are made of

Our Emily headed off today (Saturday) on her musical adventure, to join in with the Schools concert band at the International Music Festival in Sydney. I am so excited for her, and still can hardly believe that tomorrow she will be playing cello at The Sydney Opera House.
So, because she is away, kids classes will be on the second week of the school holidays, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. There will be two classes on each day, (more details to be announced as soon as I get my act together and will be printed and also posted on Kids classes section of the current timetables, and probably Facebook too)
I am so incredibly proud of this girl, she works hard for her grades, and puts in effort to her extra curricular activities. She is honest and kind and so very grateful for everything that comes her way.

20130706-231415.jpgHere she is, all ready to go. You can’t see it here, but you should have seen her trying to lift the huge cello, in its hard case it weighed nearly 20 kilos! Poor love, so we took a quick trip to Bunnings and picked up a hand trolley and a couple of ratchet tie-downs. Her case was chockas too, why does a girl needs 5 pairs of shoes for 7 days?


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