Washi is not sticky tape

Showing hubby one of my new washi tapes today, his response was less than excited. “Isn’t it just sticky tape?” he asked, surprised at my enthusiasm.
What? What was that? Sticky tape? I thought I knew him better than that. Is sticky tape like masking tape? No. Is masking tape like duct tape? No. Do I not know who I married… he doesn’t know about washi tape. Well… he does now. He is a learned man now. (Now he knows to show a little enthusiasm when I show him my new sticky tape)

I was glad to see the new shipment of washi in the store the other day, lots more to choose from. Pretties!

Washi Tape

Washi is removable, so when I decorate something like my keyboard I can yank it off when I feel like a change.

washi keyboard

Wall art with Washi is interesting too, amongst other things.  Check out our Pinterest Board Washi for some more cool ideas. 

washi tape

One response to “Washi is not sticky tape

  1. love that idea when i get a laptop I am going to do that thanks for the idea

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