Little things

Sometimes when you attend an event like a scrapbooking reteat, we are so excited about the whole prospect of scrapping uninterupted for a WHOLE WEEKEND that I forget how much my ladies appreciate the smaller details as well. I am always overwhelmed with gratitute and emotion by the end of the weekend with so many beautiful ladies thanking me and noticing the little things.  Being amongst kind and caring people is an absolute pleasure, and there are so many little things done by so many that make our weekend together wonderful.

Oh I've had such a curious Dream

We had 50 metres of bunting made from fabric, and a further 50 metres made from doilies. For the fabric bunting , Emily and I just used pinking shears to cut triangles then ran them up on a ribbon using the sewing machine.
The doily bunting was really easy but I didn’t even take a photo, (what kind of scrapbooker do I think I am?) but all we did was fold and tape a doily in half over a ribbon, we used 2 sizes and they looked  so sweet. Sorry I don’t have a photo. Probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it.
Mad Hatter Tea Party Bunting

These old jars made great tea light holders, I glued string around the middles and Andrew fashioned handles from some wire he had in the shed. They have previously hung in our old gum trees at home for a birthday party and looked  celestial. They were great at retreat, lining our outdoor area, where we swapped out all the regular candles for citronella candles to beat the mozzies back.
Mason Jar Tea Lights

Banner toothpicks, who has time to do this I ask you? You know… I even forgot to put these out on the day…. we found a boxful of them when we were packing up. So forgetful!
Eat Me Cupcake Topper

I am very proud of these little teabags in pockets. So cute! On each side of the hanging tab I put an image and the pockets had images too. Took me forever to get the template just right and resize the images to fit. I added prima flowers to the front of each packet when they were all sealed up and inked inked inked. You know me – add Brushed Corduroy to everything! Once I started you know… you just have to ink everything. I was beginning to think I had gone a little mad by the end of it.
Tea Bags Alice in Wonderland Tea Bag Pockets

I forgot to take photos of lots of things, but I remember Sharon ordered in these gorgeous little charms, they matched our theme perfectly and she hung them on the ladies gift-bags.. so sweet!
Mel used hers on her layout, so I’ve cropped a picture of them.
Mad Hatter Charms

Another cupcake topper. This one was printed in a circle and then was cut out with the Cuttlebug scallop circle die. Cute.
I'm Late Cupcake Topper

Do you like the font? We like to have name tags for our ladies each year, it helps for the newbies. Last year we did fancy ones in French theme, so I figured we could give this a go again in the Disney Alice in Wonderland Font. The Scrapbook House is Disney, and the name is Alice In Wonderland. A bit of overlapping and resizing (do NOT ask how long I wasted on these), but all for a good cause…  like I said, the little things. I am just glad it was noticed on the day. I love listening to people get their bags and give a quiet little “Oh, that’s cute” or watch their smiles as they read the signs on the wall printed up with Alice in Wonderland quotes (rotated by Sharon throughout the weekend) A few even used them on layouts and most wanted to keep them. Nice. 🙂
Alice in Wonderland Font Name Tag

Heres’s the production line in progress making bookmarks. It’s nice to have little momentos to keep after the weekend is long gone.
Bookmarks Alice in Wonderland Bookmark Queen of Hearts

These top hat boxes were made by Jo.. and if that wasn’t a treat enough, she put macarons (that she made from scratch – the best macaron chef I know) inside each one. That’s a LOT of macarons, and a lot of boxes to make for everyone.

Top Hat BoxesInside the Top Hat BoxesThese lolly jars were my favourite gifts though… (well, actually that’s a lie, because the tea cups actually are my favourite retreat item) but they are pretty cute! We filled each jar with lollies, added a little tag with string then lined them up for the ladies to choose their favourites. Mine was empty before the first night, but I still have the jar on my shelf.
Lolly Jar Eat Me

It’s the little things… that make it really nice. Fairy lights and pictures help too!

Mad Hatters Tea Party Decorations

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the “little things”… now to start planning our next retreat for October… I don’t think we can top this. I had better get the brain in gear.

Have a  great day





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