Storing Project Life Cards

It’s become a bit of a problem… how many cards one has in their stash and how to keep them. I have a few packets… (well, ok, lots of packets) of the PL (Project Life) cards and also the SS (Simple Stories) ranges too. Perhaps this might help you decide how you are going to tackle this. To begin with I kept them in their plastic packaging, but it is clear I needed something better so they don’t fall off my shelf. Here is what I started with… Project Life and Simple Stories Cards and I’m tired of rifling through them to find the one I want, and the matching sets. Each of the Simple Stories ranges has 3 packets: a 4×6, 3×4 and Sticker set. I have a few, like “Family” and “Everyday”, “Him” and “Her” etc. We just got a new set in today called “Travel” and I think I need that too. So anyway, Simple Stories Sets Love and Her This is 2 sets, they fit in one of the new 4×6 photo storage boxes that arrived yesterday. Photo storage box for PL cards Then 6 of the boxes fit neatly into this larger box. PL Cinnamon in Storage Box One of these boxes fits about a third of a core kit. So effectively you can fit 2 whole core kits, (over 1200 cards) into one of these sets.  Personally, I still like my PL boxes, and like flipping though the sets, so I’m leaving them in the PL boxes for now and concentration on the smaller sets that I need to sort. Paintables PL cards And I cut the titles from the packaging to add to the inside front of the boxes, so I grab the right box when I’m looking for it. This box has Paintables and overlays in it. Project Life SortingSo, here’s the finished job. Cards are all in the box, and the packaging can be thrown away. I did keep the backs of each packet as it shows whats in it at a glance, and popped them on top and bottom as a reminder of the colourings inside.

4 x6 Storage Box for PL cards
All in all, pretty happy that they all fit.

Project Life Cards in Photo Storage Box

If you would like to order one of these babies let me know – they are $29.95 a set of 6 with the outer box. I can also order just the inner boxes if you like…

They are actually photo boxes… so there’s another reason to love them!

Have a great day!




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