Exploding popularity

My blog is more than a little neglected these past couple of years, Facebook took precedence as it was more interactive and user friendly, but today, this blog got my attention again. Seems the stats, which I once studied carefully and now don’t even check on, have exploded recently.
All due to my ‘exploding box tutorial‘ from way back. It’s still so very popular. Today there were over 600 views for this and over 300 downloaded my instructions… that’s just today. That’s pretty big stats for my little blog… and kinda makes me smile. I’m hoping that a whole bunch of people make something beautiful for someone using those instructions.


So, this gets me thinking… what would make this blog come alive again? What would I need to post to keep it interesting for me, as well as for the potential reader? Got any ideas? Please leave a comment…

What would you like to see more of here?

Anyhow, I’m just glad that one of my posts is still being seen – thanks for that internet world! xx

Take care



2 responses to “Exploding popularity

  1. I love seeing the tutorials and new products (that makes me need to have it!). 🙂 I also love the personal touches about your family and life which make it different to the millions of other craft blogs online. the biggest change is—- Post More and often! 🙂 i’m subscribed so i’ll keep coming back! xxx

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